mapThe RIVER TERRACE Hotel is designed to be sensitively integrated within a greenbelt zone running along the bank of the Vltava River within Prague’s historic Smíchov district.  Extensive consideration has been taken to design this modern world-class business congress hotel to compliment both the historic architectural vernacular of the Smichov district, characterized with its 19th and 20th Century era buildings, with the modern architectural pattern of new construction that the district has seen in the last few years.

The location of the RIVER TERRACE hotel is unique in other respects as well, one of which is unquestionably the ever increasing importance of the Smíchov district as a modern centre for commerce, services, accommodation and recreational activities in Prague. Perhaps most significantly, however, is the fact that this is the final opportunity to undertake a project of this scale on the bank of the Vltava River in Prague’s central area and therefore offers the extraordinary chance of combining the elegance of the hotel with the splendor of the Vltava River.

In addition, several of Prague’s most well-renowned sites, such as the national cultural monument Vyšehrad, the National Theatre, and the city centre itself are well within walking distance.  Each of these historic sites and the city’s historic centre are highly accessible by metro, and the metro station Anděl, in the commercial centre of Smíchov, is only three metro stations from Wenceslas Square.

With the dynamic re-development of this district in past few years, Smíchov is now considered by local residents and visitors alike as one of the most energetic and economically promising areas in Prague for both business and for its social life.  The central offices of many Czech as well as foreign companies are now based in the area, creating the foundation of a new business centre in historic Prague.

The importance of Smíchov as one of Prague’s most significant commercial hubs continues to be increasingly more prevalent with several new projects currently in planning and implementation phases such as the Factory Office Centre opposite the Smíchov Railway Station as well as the planned revitalization and renovation of the station itself which, in its completion, will offer some 350,000 square meters of commercial and residential land uses.

All of these real estate enhancements are located in close proximity to the RIVER TERRACE Hotel.

In addition to the extensive shopping and recreational opportunities, visitors to Smíchov will also have easy access to several parks and a wide range of recreational facilities including a nearby rock-climbing centre, in-line skating rink, an indoor golf course, and squash courts. Perhaps the most enchanting experience of all is simply a walk along the riverbank of the Vltava with a stroll along Prague’s one and only beach front which leads directly to the entrance of the RIVER TERRACE hotel complex.

In combination, all of these features; the central location, the plentiful business opportunities, the shopping, the connectivity to transportation, the opportunities for recreation and relaxation, and the enchanting views along the banks of the Vltava River makes the Smichov district an ideal location for RIVER TERRACE hotel.  With all of the appeal this area of Prague has to offer, the RIVER TERRACE hotel will meet the demand for accommodations, a conference center, and training facilities in this vibrant and up-and-coming centre of Prague.