Entrance Hall

HotelThe hotel’s main entrance and lobby is situated on the western façade along Hořejší nábřeží street facing Smichov’s business center. The spacious lobby has ample room to receive some 180 guests at any given time thereby making the RIVER TERRACE hotel ideal for large groups and conference and congress attendees. A mobile reception area will also be available to check in congress guests.

The reception desk in the hotel lobby will be staffed by four receptionists, who will assist clients with check-in, and will also include a luggage cloakroom, supporting administrative services, and a desk for lobby services such as luggage porters and other specific needs of the clientele.

Six card-controlled elevators will take visitors to their rooms which will partially restrict the movement of guests around the hotel and ease the guest orientation around the hotel. An open portion of the lobby will also be available where guests can relax, meet up with others and wait for the river taxi. 

There will be a lobby bar and restaurant with sufficient capacity to serve between 200 and 250 guests, as well as a restaurant which will provide buffet service.

The congress centre, restaurant on the 1st underground floor and the Yacht Club will be accessible from the reception by two escalators or by one of the six elevators.