River Terrace Hotel

To begin the implementation of the RIVER TERRACE Hotel project the developer was looking for a place which was unique within the City of Prague while, at the same time, a site offering the fullest extent of utilities and local services as well as the possibility for its future owners to fully utilize the project’s real estate potential.  The site on the western bank of the Vltava River in Prague’s Smichov District combines a range of key factors including transportation from the airport and motorways, excellent accessibility to the city centre, access to public transit, access to plentiful opportunities for a wide range activities including access to the Vltava (Moldau) River, and unparalleled views of several of Prague’s landmarks. In addition to the transportation connection and accessibility to the historic centre, the analysis of the site’s potential included an economic forecast of the hotel’s operating and maintenance costs and revenues, the effectiveness and feasibility of the entire investment plan, an evaluation of the site location and its surrounding environment with an analysis of both the immediate as well as wider surroundings, and lastly, how the proposed hotel would connect to the future development of this evolving municipal district.  Evaluating each these factors provided key information to assessing the proposed RIVER TERRACE project in an area of Prague which has undergone a dynamic transformation over the past few years.

All the documents and analyses referred to above are available on other pages on this web site.

Findings from the analysis indicate the suitability of a hotel project of the scale of a congress business hotel which would meet future demand in the new city centre which is well underway and which would offer its future owners a guarantee of a higher return on the investment than an alternative project such as an administrative building.  The assessment of neighbouring land uses indicates that there are already several administrative buildings in the surrounding area.
Prague’s Smíchov District has been an important neighbourhood throughout its history. At one time it was the gateway to the capital city with extensive estates of vineyards, hop fields, gardens and orchards. Centuries later, this part of Prague became an important industrial suburb, mainly in the engineering sector. These days, this aspect of the district’s past is evoked by various examples of industrial architecture dating from the 19th Century. At present time, the district is experiencing a renaissance and, once again, a dynamic transformation of its character and its appearance.  Hallmarks of this transformation include the recent construction of several modern buildings which offer office, commercial and residential uses.

The RIVER TERRACE Hotel will offer future clients the finest accommodations and an attractive location for training initiatives or for the organisation of various social events in close proximity to this dynamically evolving central part of Smíchov. Incorporating the water features along the Vltava (Moldau) River, which are part of the real estate on offer and which have been integrally interwoven into the design of the hotel, will guarantee the full utilisation of this riverfront site for a wide range of recreational opportunities.

With no other hotel offering such a waterfront amenity, the incorporation of these water features into the operating design of the hotel is unique within the City of Prague and offers the hotel a key one-of-a-kind feature over other competing hotels.

The planned RIVER TERRACE will be a four-star hotel with 326 rooms, 97 parking bays, 4 outdoor bus parking bays, and a conference facilities for more than 1,000 participants. The entire hotel complex comprises three buildings patterned to complement the existing urban development.  In its completion, the hotel will be an impressive dominant feature on the western bank of the River Vltava with commanding views of several of Prague’s enchanting landmarks.